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Navya Saini

8:18:04 AM


Phil Banks

9:19:10 AM

concerned about images not being properly protected. Far too easy for them to be copied, printed or photographed with only a very small deterrent "Fine Art America" at bottom right. Images should have full protection such as you can see on Alamy - to stop the hundreds of thousands of free copying going on

Maria Urso

10:35:53 AM

Do you know who needs to be contacted when there is going to be a change of admin for a group?

Karissa Jaggers

11:44:05 AM

how do I know if I have sold something?

Michelle Blue

11:55:53 AM

Greetings...nice to become a part of this community :)

Michelle Blue

12:21:07 PM

Karissa Jaggers...go to your profile 'Behind the Scenes Link'...look for Accounting...then Sales. If i'm correct and this is what you looking for.

Karissa Jaggers

12:21:23 PM

@michelle blue, thank you

Caitlyn Marie

4:06:03 PM

Hello everyoe!,

Caitlyn Marie

4:07:18 PM

Hello everyone! My name is caitlyn and im currently a student at UCF studying graphic design. For a research project i need to interview an artists a couple of questions. SO if anyone has the time i'd love to interview you (:

Mike Savad

4:30:09 PM

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